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In order to authenticate towards DePay's APIs you need an API key.

In order to authenticate towards DePay's APIs, you need to pass your API Key via the x-api-key header:

x-api-key: M5dZeHFfIp3J7h9H9fs4i4wmkUo1HjAF3EmMy32c

Test Key

For testing purposes, DePay provides a public API key which is not recommended for any systems in production, as it's shared with the public and heavily rate-limited. We also rotate the public api key on a recurring basis.


Issue an API Key

Once you're ready to move your integration to production, you will need to issue your own API key.

Go to DePay App > API > Issue Api Key.

You will need to have an active DePay PRO subscription in order to issue and maintain an active API key.


Every API Key is limited to max. 10 requests/second , 10 requests in parallel and 14'400 requests/day.