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Get ready to reveive Web3 Payments with DePay.

Set up a Wallet

In order to receive payments on any blockchain you need to have a wallet that supports the blockchain you want to receive payments on.

All kinds of wallets are supported by DePay, no matter if you are using a "Hot Wallet", "Cold Wallet", a ledger, a custodial wallet, a centralized exchange wallet, or a multisignature wallet. As long as you have control over the address or are the ulimate benefical. DePay will allow you to simplify receiving payments to that address.

Pick Blockchain(s)

Blockchains differ mainly in speed, usage (active users, tokens, liquidity) and security. Please do your own research and pick at least one blockchain in order to set up DePay for receiving payments.

Learn which blockchains are currently supported by DePay

Select Token(s)

After you have decided which blockchains you want to receive payments on, you will need to select which tokens you are accepting as means of payment. Your users will be able to pay with whatever tokens they have in their wallet, thanks to DePay's auto-conversion, and you will always receive the tokens you have selected/configured.

Learn which tokens are currently supported by DePay