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Get ready to reveive Web3 Payments with DePay.

Set up a wallet

To receive payments on any blockchain, you must have a wallet compatible with that particular blockchain.

DePay supports all types of wallets, whether it's a "Hot Wallet", "Cold Wallet", ledger, custodial wallet, centralized exchange wallet, or a multisignature wallet. As long as you control the address or are the ultimate beneficiary, DePay streamlines the payment reception process for that address.

Pick blockchains

Blockchains primarily vary in terms of speed, usage (including active users, tokens, and liquidity), and security. We encourage you to conduct your own research and select at least one blockchain to configure DePay for payment reception.

Learn which blockchains are currently supported by DePay

Select tokens

Once you've chosen the blockchains for payment reception, you must specify the tokens you wish to accept. With DePay's auto-conversion, your users can pay using any token they hold, ensuring you receive only the tokens you've pre-selected or configured.

Learn which tokens are currently supported by DePay