DePay partners with Spaceborne

Aiming to take the payment UX in metaverse gaming to a new level.

Feb 01, 2022

Update (04/2022): Black Eye Galaxy is now "Spaceborne".

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Official Announcements

Former announcement:

Black Eye Galaxy ($BYG) is a “Play-to-Earn” NFT game with a variety of user-owned in-game assets such as spaceships, buildings, and even planets. Its Metaverse is divided into star clusters, each of which belongs exclusively to one blockchain. Players can choose from a variety of activity types to play and earn BYG tokens in the process, e.g. crafting different kinds of buildings, mining planet resources and even 3D spaceship racing.

A sophisticated reputation system will motivate users with the help of in-game privileges and perks to ensure that the BYG Metaverse is always an action-packed place.

Partnership scope

The game was launched on the Binance Smart Chain in the beginning, and just like it’s the case for DePay, numerous other blockchain expansions are on the horizon.

Black Eye Galaxy has already integrated the DePay token sales widget and provided valuable feedback which led to improvements in the user experience. Both partners share the goal of using their insights to take the user experience of payments in the metaverse gaming context to a new level.

Team Quotes

“We are excited to partner with DePay as we both share the same vision and goals: to create a true decentralized experience for our users. DePay is an excellent payment facilitator and a cornerstone in achieving our free metaverse.

The nature of our projects and the multichain path that we have ahead of us, will allow our partnership to expand in the future.”

— Pablo A., Black Eye Galaxy, Business Developer Manager

“We were pleased when Black Eye Galaxy offered a partnership as the first Metaverse gaming project while also integrating our token sales widget.

When you read the BYG whitepaper, you realize: The team has an exciting multichain journey ahead — just like DePay. Since we are moving in the same direction, it is beneficial for both sides to learn from each other to achieve excellence.”

— Sebastian Pape, DePay, Founder & CEO

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