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Web3 Payments

Find the right way to integrate DePay.


There are plenty of benefits using DePay over other providers:

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Learn what blockchains, tokens, exchanges and wallets are supported by DePay.

Learn what DePay supports


In order to receive Web3 Payments directly, you need to have a wallet and an address on each blockchain you want to support.

Get ready to integrate DePay


DePay offers a variety of integration methods. Explore each option and choose the one that best suits your needs:

Start no-code: Just generate a link and direct your customers to it.
Embed simple HTML and enable one-click payments for your users.
Embed payments and retain full control over the payment flow within your app.

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Explore detailed integration examples that demonstrate how to incorporate DePay into prevalent frameworks and platforms:


DePay offers plugins for established platforms, allowing you to accept Web3 payments seamlessly without the need for intricate integration.

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Payment APIs

Use DePay's Payment APIs complementary to an integration:

Learn more about DePay's Payment APIs

Payment Protocol

Learn about DePay's underlying payment protocol and integrate it into your smartcontract, protocol or platform.

Learn more about DePay's Payment Protocol