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Integrate DePay

Explore the myriad of integration options available with DePay.

Start no-code: Just generate a link and direct your customers to it.
Embed simple HTML and enable one-click payments for your users.
Embed payments and retain full control over the payment flow within your app.


Payment Links require no coding experience.

You simply use the DePay App's User Interface to configure your payment.

At the end you will receive a Link/URL that you can use to recieve payments.

Even though this is a no-code solution, you can still integrate it with a callback and automation capability.

Start setting up a Payment Link


Payment Buttons require a little bit of HTML knowledge.

Knowledge about JavaScript is not required.

You can configure the button in the DePay App and only need to place some HTML on your website to start receiving payments.

A DePay Button offers less capabilities and features than a Widget integration.

Start setting up a Payment Button


Integrating DePay's Payment Widget requires a basic understanding of JavaScript.

Payment widgets are self-hosted, run directly within your website/app and give you full control over the user flow.

The DePay App can help you to generate a valid "payment configuration" and helps you to track payments within your account automatically.

Start integrating the Payment Widget