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Discover all the great benefits of using DePay.

Direct Wallet Payments

Payments performed with DePay are peer-to-peer. You will receive every single payment directly into your wallet, without any intermediary. Nobody but you holds your funds at any time.


DePay uses decentralized finance (DeFi) to convert payments if necessary. This allows to accept thousands of tokens as means of payment while always receiving the ones you've configured.

"One-click" Payments

DePay connects to your user's wallet directly. After scanning for all available tokens on all blockchains DePay suggest's the most cost-efficient payment to users, ultimately offering a seamless "One-click" Web3 Payment solution.

Simple to Integrate

DePay has been designed from the start for simple integration. Typically you just place a small code snippet into whatever you're building and you're ready to accept and perform Web3 Payments.