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Discover all the great benefits of using DePay.

Direct Wallet Payments

Payments through DePay are peer-to-peer. Every payment goes directly into your wallet without intermediaries. Only you have control over your funds at all times.


DePay leverages decentralized finance (DeFi) for payment conversions when needed. This enables you to accept thousands of tokens and always receive your preferred ones.

"One-click" Payments

DePay directly connects to your user's wallet, scanning for available tokens across all blockchains. It then suggests the most cost-efficient payment option, providing a seamless "One-click" Web3 Payment solution.


Integrate DePay once, and you'll support crypto payments across 10 blockchains, hundreds of wallets, and thousands of tokens.

Simple to Integrate

DePay is designed for effortless integration. Simply insert a small code snippet into your project, and you're set to accept and execute Web3 Payments.