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The ultimate guide to integrate DePay.

DePay is a fully-fledged application, integration and API stack to accept and perform Web3 Payments.

It's Simple. Try it

DePay has been designed from the start for simple integration. Typically you just place a small code snippet into whatever you're building and you're ready to accept and perform Web3 Payments.


DePay simplifies peer-to-peer transactions between unhosted wallets. DePay has no access to any assets at any time. And that's by design, because we believe in decentralization.

Supported blockchains & wallets

DePay currently supports the following blockchains:

DePay currently supports the following wallets:

100+ additional wallets via WalletConnect for example:


DePay also provides the following plugins to speed up integration:

Where to go from here

You can either jump straight into the integration documentation of our individual products:

  • Payments
  • Donations
  • Sales
  • Subscriptions (coming soon)
  • Payroll (coming soon)
  • Credit (coming soon)
  • Swap (coming soon)

or you can go through our onboarding process.


We've built extensive APIs to access blockchain data, like token information, prices etc. If you're building applications and need to access blockchain data, we highly recommend to checkout our APIs.


Need additional help

Feel free to reach out in order to get additional help:

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