Domain Migration migration completed - Integrator's call to action...

Aug 17, 2022

After having acquired in Q1 this year, we are happy to announce that we’ve completed our infrastructure migration to the new domain name.

Our previously used domain served us well – farewell – but it’s business as usual from now on.

All integrators: Call to action

Support for integrations will be discontinued by 31. December 2022.

All integrators that are currently connecting to our API via need to migrate to

DePay Widgets

All integrators of DePay widgets that have integrated the widgets via CDN need to start serving it with:

<script defer async src=""></script>

DePay Buttons

The same applies to button integrations which need to serve it via:

<script defer async src=""></script>

@depay/widget library

Integrators that package DePay widgets or libraries with their applications need to make sure to upgrade to at least v7.14.4 to make sure widgets continue functioning DePay Buttons.

Payment Gateways (Shopify)

All users of our payment gateways (Shopify) do not need to migrate anything.

WordPress plugin

All users of our WordPress donation plugin need to make sure to migrate to version 1.3.2

One last thing

Short is sexy.

We also finally migrated our Twitter account from @depayfi to just @depay which will strengthen our brand presence on the most important crypto-relevant social network.

🎉 Give us a shoutout on Twitter and celebrate the achievements with us