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Use DePay's software, infrastructure
and APIs to manage payments on blockchains.



Ship quickly

We worked hard so that you don't have to spend months implementing Web3 Payments on your own.

DePay supports multiple blockchains, hundreds of wallets, thousands of tokens and various standards like WalletConnect, Coinbase SDK, Solana Pay, Solana Mobile Wallet Adapter etc.

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Embeddable Payments

Process payments directly on your website or within your app.

Kickstart Development

Immediatelly support payments from 10 blockchains, 100s of wallets and 1000s of tokens.

Powerful SDK

Just install the DePay Widgets SDK and immediately start receiving payments.

Receive payments directly

Experience the power of non-custodial, blockchain-powered payments with DePay.

No intermediaries, no restrictions, no lock-ups. Just seamless transactions directly into your wallet - anytime, anywhere.

You hold your own funds at all times.
No deposit. No withdraw. No fraud. No Chargebacks.

Just immediate cash-flow.

Conversion driver

DePay integrates auto-conversion as part of every payment.

Simplify your customer's experience by letting them pay with anything they have in their wallet.

Increasing acceptance drives payment conversion.

It's all about digital wallets

Revolutionary payment convenience is only possible by placing digital wallets at the heart of every payment.

By leveraging the full functionality of digital wallets, DePay offers instantaneous and seamless payment experiences, eliminating error-prone manual steps like copying addresses or entering amounts.

Are you ready for Web3?

DePay allows you to accept Web3 Payments in a few minutes.

Global & Digital

Receive payments from anywhere, instantly, without any intermediary

No Chargebacks & No Fraud

Crypto payments are irreversible by nature

Instant Cash-Flow

Crypto payments are settled immediately

Increase Acceptance and Conversion

Keep up with customer demands with DePay's seamless payment experience

The DEPAY token

Hundreds of early adopters and integrators have already joined DePay.


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