Unlock & govern Web3 Payments

The DEPAY token unlocks professional tools to manage Web3 Payments and allows token holders to govern the DePay payment protocol.

Current Price

$0.2015 USD

Circulating Supply

11,695,206 DEPAY

Market Capitalization

$2,357,149 USD


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Uniswap V3
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Uniswap V2

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Token Supply Schedule

DEPAY over time

Project Development
Up to a 31'500'000 DEPAY curved distribution
DEPAY tokens have been allocated for project development and marketing. Conducted by DePay AG Switzerland, to establish basic protocols, additional functionalities and utilities, especially DePay PRO.
Governance Treasury
Up to 7'000'000 DEPAY
The DePay team will transfer to the governance treasury on a continual basis to lock up to 7’000’000 DEPAY tokens by 01/2022. The governance treasury will allocate tokens on an ongoing basis via contributor grants, community initiatives, liquidity mining, and other relevant programs. The above will reduce locked treasury tokens to 2’000’000 DEPAY, which will be handed over to the governance by 01/2024.
Team Governance
Up to 10'000'000 DEPAY
The DePay team will hand over the basic payment protocol and the basic DePay products to the community of DEPAY token holders. This transition to full decentralization will be completed by January 2024.
To ensure that the DePay team can control and govern the protocol and basic products until that date, there will be a dedicated number of tokens locked in a smart contract. These tokens only allow the DePay team to perform governance functions such as submitting proposals and vote participation.
This will lock up to 10’000’000 DEPAY over time and will be reduced to 1’000’000 DEPAY tokens by January 2024 and will be retained by the team so that they may continue to influence governance into the future.
Up to 3'200'000 DEPAY
DePay runs an ecosystem growth program (e.g. Early Adopter Program, Staking Rewards, Liquidity Mining etc.) which will be filled with up to 3.2M DEPAY by 01/2022. The locked up DEPAY will be assigned to DApps, websites, merchants, and sellers that are using and integrating DePay or for rewarding additional liquidity provision on decentralized exchanges. This is to reward early usage of the DEPAY protocol and products and to create an extensive incentive for integrators to use DePay as a payment protocol.
Total Final Supply
31’000’000 - 57’028’332 DEPAY
Projected final amount of token supply after all conducted burns.
Demand Insurance
Up to 10'000'000* DEPAY for 24'000* PRO users in 2022
* cumulative amount of demand insurance tokens and PRO users
DePay commits to a token utility demand-target originating from DePay PRO users. DePay PRO users need to pay (redeem) or hold (stake) DEPAY tokens in order to unlock pro features. If the target amounts of DePay PRO users is not met, DePay will burn tokens proportionately in order to control inflation. E.g. if DePay has only acquired 12’000 DePay PRO users by end of 12/2022 (50% target) it will burn 5’000’000 DEPAY tokens.

Token Allocation

Fair Launch

The DEPAY tokens have been launched in a fair launch scenario. 100% of the tokens have been allocated for project development, ecosystem, governance and treasury. There are no allocations for Private, Seed or Public Sales rounds. No tokens have been allocated to the team nor any individual prior to launch.


Where can I buy DEPAY tokens?

DEPAY is listed on Uniswap & PancakeSwap .

Anything else I need to know about the DEPAY tokenomics?

Yes! Make sure you read our whitepaper: DePay Whitepaper

What is the current DEPAY token price?

$0.2015 USD averaged over all decentralized exchanges.

What is circulating supply?

Circulating Supply is the current amount of tokens across all blockchains that is technically available to be sold/used.

What is the current circulating supply for DEPAY tokens?

11,695,206 DEPAY tokens are currently in circulation.

What is the final total supply of DEPAY tokens?

The final total supply of DEPAY tokens will be between 31’000’000 - 57’028’332 DEPAY.

Was there a DEPAY token pre-sale or seed-sale?

No. There was no DEPAY token pre-sale nor seed-sale.

What are locked tokens?

Locked tokens are currently technically unavailable to be sold/used. Often, tokens in smart contracts can be considered locked.

DePay is live on WooCommerce