Unlock & govern Web3 Payments

The DEPAY token unlocks utility & services to manage Web3 Payments and allows to govern the DePay payment protocol.

Current Price

$0.1364 USD

Circulating Supply

61,624,076 DEPAY

Market Capitalization

$8,402,443 USD


Listed on

in progress
in progress
Uniswap V3
in progress
Uniswap V2
in progress


Where can I buy DEPAY tokens?

DEPAY is listed on Orca , Uniswap & PancakeSwap .

Anything else I need to know about the DEPAY tokenomics?

Yes! Make sure you read our whitepaper: DePay Whitepaper

What is the current DEPAY token price?

$0.1364 USD averaged over all exchanges.

What is circulating supply?

Circulating Supply is the current amount of tokens across all blockchains that is technically available to be sold/used.

What is the current circulating supply for DEPAY tokens?

61,624,076 DEPAY tokens are currently in circulation.

What is the current max total supply of DEPAY tokens?

The current max total supply of DEPAY tokens is 67,218,749 DEPAY.

Was there a DEPAY token pre-sale, private-sale or seed-sale?

No. There was no DEPAY token pre-sale, private-sale nor seed-sale. Neither the team nor any individual has received any token allocation.

What are locked tokens?

Locked tokens are currently technically unavailable to be sold/used. Often, tokens in smart contracts can be considered locked.

DePay v2 is live 馃帀