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Web3 Payments

Blockchains hold the potential to faster,
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Quickly integrate DePay. Just copy a few lines of code into your website or app.

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Payments performed with DePay are peer to peer. No one but you holds your funds at any time.

Accept any token

Accept thousands of different tokens as a means of payment. DeFi powered instant token conversion.

Web3 Payments

What are Web3 Payments?

Web3 payments refer to a type of online payment that uses blockchain technology and decentralized finance (DeFi) to facilitate secure and transparent transactions. Unlike traditional online payment systems, which are often centralized and controlled by a single entity, Web3 payments are decentralized and allow users to make transactions directly with one another without the need for a trusted third party. Web3 payments are a key component of the growing Web3 ecosystem, which is focused on using blockchain technology to enable decentralized, peer-to-peer applications and services.

Fact 1

Web3 payment solutions are decentralized


DePay is the first truly decentralized solution which addresses the downside of centralization. It's built on top of decentralized finance using state-of-the art Web3 technologies in order to offer a seamless payment experience.

Fact 2

Web3 payment mass adoption just started

Bad Experience
Good Experience

DePay is removing most of the barriers that currently stand in the way of the mass adoption of Web3 Payments: Perceived ease of use, increase in the number acceptable tokens and any-to-any conversion functionality - just to name a few.

Fact 3

Web3 Payments are borderless, peer-to-peer, and support multiple tokens and blockchains.


Accept any token that your customers already have in their wallets. DePay enables on-the-fly conversions using Decentralized Finance. Interoperability, scalability & flexibility are the cornerstones of DePay's payment protocol. Reduce friction and simplify the Web3 Payment experience with DePay.


Web3 supports leading blockchains and wallets

Accept Crypto

Thousands of different tokens

With DePay you can immediately start accepting thousands of different tokens across multiple blockchains while only receiving the ones that you've configured. DePay makes sure to convert tokens in real-time so that you always get what you want.

Indistinguishable from magic

Sufficiently advanced technology

Everything starts with a simple integration. We worked hard so that you don't have to spend months implementing this on your own.

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Top Features

How Web3 Payments work

Chain Agnostic (Multichain)

Interoperability is the key principle on which our infrastructure is built. DePay is extensible around any blockchain, ensuring a competitive cross-chain future.


The truly decentralized nature of our protocol makes DePay a solution resistant to financial censorship. No one can be technically excluded from using DePay and no registration is required.


Most Web3 Payment providers & processors receive payments to wallets that they manage themselves. Only in a further intermediate step are the payments paid out to sellers. DePay does not act as an intermediary. Every intermediate step is replaced by smart contracts which are connected to decentralized liquidity pools. As a result, trust is no longer required.

Easy to use

Our ambition was to create an even easier user experience than you're used to from shopping in current non-crypto e-commerce stores. We think we've done a good job of that.

Open Source

Feel free to use & contribute to our codebase at. We're happy to have you look under our hood. The DePay protocol will always remain open source.


DePay calculates payment routes on multiple blockchains simultaneously despite what your wallet is currently connected to. Our software automatically detects & switches the blockchain if required.


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