Q1 2023 Review

A Pivotal Quarter for Web3 Payments by DePay - Discover Why…

Apr 03, 2023

DePay is at the forefront of the Web3 Payment revolution: NFT-based discounts to custom payment fields and the upcoming Fantom deployment. DePay has been introducing a series of groundbreaking features. Join us as we take a deep dive into the latest developments.

LooksRare Drop

In collaboration with LooksRare, DePay has enabled customers to purchase merchandise using community tokens on Shopify (Edition Zero Merch Drop). The integration of DePay’s Web3 Payment solution in Shopify allows for a simple checkout process, offering a smooth customer experience, which led to an overwhelmingly positive feedback by the LooksRare community. We are thrilled to see the collaboration contribute to the further adoption of Web3 Payments.

Live: NFT-based Discounts!

What's better than discounts? NFT-based discounts, of course! DePay has recently unveiled NFT-based discounts as part of their Payment Link solution for Web3 merchants. This innovative feature has proven to be a highly effective way of incentivizing customers to purchase products or services. By offering rewards to loyal customers, merchants can drive sales and revenue while also building a stronger community. The positive response to this new feature has been overwhelming and it's available for use today. Find everything you need in order to start using it here.

Verisart x DePay

Verisart's all-in-one Web3 Shopify app has integrated DePay's crypto-native payment flow, allowing for a smooth web3 payment experience for Verisart users and customers. Installing the app is a breeze, and customers can easily navigate the payment process.

DePay live on dYdX's Merch store

DePay is now live on dYdX's Merch store, offering an exclusive crypto payment gateway for customers. The decentralized exchange dYdX has chosen DePay’s Web3 Payments for its fast and secure payment processing, making it the ideal solution for accepting Web3 Payments.

“Custom Fields” for Payment Links

DePay's Payment Links have taken a significant leap forward, offering merchants a wealth of new possibilities. How? By introducing custom fields, which allow them to collect additional information during payment. Now, merchants can collect personalized details like a customer's Discord handle, Telegram name, website, or even the crypto-currency of their choice. This feature not only enhances the customer experience but also offers merchants greater control, payment process flexibility and a solid basis for generating valuable insights.

Fantom x DePay!

DePay has been listed as a project allocated FTM in Round 1 of the Fantom x Gitcoin Grant, promising speedy integration of Fantom support into its ecosystem. DePay has committed to supporting payments settled on Fantom for Shopify/WooCommerce stores very soon.

New "Connect a Wallet" Flow

DePay has invested much time and love in a "Connect a Wallet" experience for mass adoption, prioritizing the user experience

Mainstream users don’t care that much about underlying protocols and technologies, while they certainly know the name of the wallet they use to store their money on. Users are offered options for connecting wallets while detecting installed wallet extensions. The new "Connect a Wallet" flow utilizes WalletConnect standards and prioritizes fixing long-standing issues for user satisfaction, ensuring a secure and seamless user experience. DePay's hosted services have been updated to use the new "Connect a Wallet" flow, making it easier than ever before for users to connect their wallets and make Web3 payments.

Denominate in Crypto!

DePay now allows WooCommerce merchants to denominate their products in cryptocurrencies, offering more pricing flexibility and control. For example, a merchant could configure any token like SHIB and USDT (USD by Tether) as receivables and price a product for 1 Million SHIB and 12 USDT. Once customers are completing the checkout, they can pay with either 1M SHIB or 12 USDT, with real-time conversion rates calculated during the process in realtime.

Connect to DePay! - Like your wallet 😅

DePay's commitment to driving adoption and making it easier for businesses to accept Web3 Payments has made significant strides in Q1/2023. 

If you are building anything of value in the Web3 sphere, don’t hesitate to contact us!