How to
Accept Web3 Cryptocurrency Payments on Shopify

Install the DePay Shopify app in order to receive Web3 payments directly into your wallet.

Jun 02, 2022

Now click "Install App"

Install the DePay Shopify App

Click "Wallet Login" and connect your Web3 wallet.

Then click "Log in" and sign the login message within your wallet.

Connect wallet and login

Now select which tokens (on which blockchains) you want to receive as means of payment.

Select tokens / Set Accepted means of payment

Now select who owns/runs the shop.

Select "Registered Company" if your company is a registered legal entity.

Otherwise select "Individual" if you own/run the shop personally.

Then click "Continue"

Then provide all required information.

Make sure to click "Save & Continue" at the end.

Provide Shop Owner Data

Now wait until your data has been verified.

Please be patient, this can take some time and we will send you an email as soon as the verification succeeded.

Wait for verification

Once we have verified your information you will receive an approval e-mail immediately.

Approval E-Mail

Now within your approval e-mail you will find a "Start Now" link to activate DePay on Shopify.

Follow the link and make sure you click "Activate DePay".

Activate DePay App

Now your customers can send you payments directly into your Web3 wallet.

Payments are converted automatically (using DeFi) to make sure you always receive the tokens on the blockchains that you've configured.

Payment Experience

If you want to browse received payments, you can visit DePay and launch the App by clicking on "Launch App".

Login with your wallet and navigate to "Payments".

Now you will see all payments your wallet has received with DePay.

Browse received payments

If you need to change your DePay configuration, login to your Shop and click "Settings".

Now click "Payments".

On the DePay card click "Manage".

Within the DePay settings click "Manage" again.

Now you can change your DePay configuration like accepted payments, tokens and blockchains.

Change configuration


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