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Start receiving donations in cryptocurrencies within a few minutes. Peer-to-peer. Directly into your crypto wallet.

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Quickly integrate DePay. Just copy a few lines of code into your website or app.

No middle man!

Payments performed with DePay are peer to peer.
No one but you holds your funds at any time.

Accept any token

Accept thousands of different tokens as a means of payment. DeFi powered instant token conversion.

Simple to use

You simply select what you want to receive, the sender selects what he wants to send/convert.

Drop-in Solutions

Accepting Web3 Payments has never been simpler

Cryptocurrency Acceptance

Thousands of different tokens

With DePay you can immediately start accepting Thousands of different tokens across multiple blockchains while only receiving the ones that you've configured. DePay makes sure to convert tokens in real-time so that you always get what you want.

Indistinguishable from magic

Sufficiently advanced technology

Everything starts with a simple integration. We worked hard so that you don't have to spend months implementing this on your own.

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