DePay goes multi-chain

Chain-agnostic payment solution DePay expands to Binance Smart Chain 🚀. The next step for crypto payment mass adoption.

May 03, 2021

Today, we are excited to announce that we will be enhancing the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with our DeFi payment solutions in the close future.

The multi-chain expansion is a new chapter that will commence the countdown for new partnership announcements together with the launch of our scaled integrator acquisition campaigns. In this article, we summarize the most important points that you need to know.

Fast forward six months, DePay is a growing DeFi startup based in Zug, the swiss "Crypto Valley". We have kept all of our promises and delivered groundbreaking crypto payment solutions in the shortest time possible. Whilst a vast amount of crypto projects are initially just concepts, we have actually delivered multiple products that can be integrated and utilized with zero fees.

Just recently, our solution for crypto donations was presented at a United Nations conference. In addition, many trustworthy names from the crypto sphere have given us positive testimonials / interviews. Our strong core community is growing organically because we focus on improving our working products thus supporting a solid foundation. This is essential before we start to pull the growth triggers based on our teams past experience as entrepreneurs and growth hackers.

Amazing news aside, the expansion of DePay to more blockchains remains essential. This will enable a multichain future in which the underlying technologies of assets no longer play a key role in payment decisions from the user's perspective.

An "under the radar" pioneer of truly decentralized and permissionless payments

$DEPAY token was fair-launched - without pre-sales or airdrops. We believe that price discovery should happen organically due to real value creation and adoption, not through hype. Despite the DePay team having a decades worth of growth hacking experience, we have not launched any highly scaled campaigns as yet. We are sticking to our core principles of value creation before we decide to “hype” it

We are often asked why we chose to stay “under the radar”, well there you have it.

Having said that, we have already gotten the attention of many esteemed and  trustworthy entities in the crypto sphere at such an early stage.

Along our journey we have also been approached by various other startups requesting partnerships, however not every request was accepted for the sake of marketing. Proudly we were able to announce the first truly significant partnership with DAO Maker who revealed that they will be integrating DePay within their new multi investment platform.

Realizing: ETH makes it hard to get more traction

Our initial products were all built on Ethereum, but due to the high demand and usage of the ETH network, the transaction costs soared to new highs. The popularity of Ethereum ironically turned against the network, leading to congestion. This led to a decrease in the overall interest of buyers to pay (especially) for small amounts with ETH. There have DeFinitely been better times to target potential Ethereum based projects with our payment solution. (As a side-note: We strongly believe in the future of Ethereum and even do our own contributions in order to bring forward the research on scaling the network.)

Nevertheless, DePay was born as a chain agnostic vision. This means that users should just be able to pay - without detours and without caring whether the implemented payment solution prefers a certain blockchain over another. It is very clear to the team that DePay has no choice but to expand to all major blockchains in the foreseeable future. - Only then can we really begin executing our deeply thought out and well-prepared integrator acquisition strategy.

Soon: Expanding to Binance Smart Chain

After doing our own research and listening to feedback from our community, it became pretty clear that now is the right time to expand to Binance Smart Chain.

Within a very short period BNB has become a top-3 crypto asset with a market cap of 95.25 billion USD (01/05/2021)!

This amazing achievement and associated publicity opens many doors, creating significant opportunities within the DeFi sphere for DePay. With a lot of new smart contracts to be deployed in the future, we aim to create many new partnerships with early stage BEP-20-powered projects that are in need of a payment solution.

Binance Smart Chain's daily on-chain transactions are outpassing the amount of ETH transactions currently by 9-10x. This is the current weekly view of the  evolution of BSC vs Ethereum transactions:

(data sources: and

Comparing the Google search term activity for "bscscan" and "etherscan", we can see a similar pattern - the BSC blockchain explorer has recently outrun Ethereum's veteran pendant by 2-3x:


These examples demonstrate that expanding to Binance Smart Chain is a key and fundamental strategic step in order to attract new partners, integrators and token holders (notwithstanding the future launches onto all other significant blockchains).

Our general growth strategy

We are not reinventing the wheel. We are following the same footsteps as Stripe – the leading payment integrator in the web 2.0 economy with a USD market capitalization. We are executing a similar strategy to focus on simple payment integration but also want to become a one-stop shop for all online economies like e-commerce. The general potential of all those untapped markets (especially e-commerce) motivates us a lot. We believe there is huge potential to tap into unexplored markets in the decentralized web 3.0.

Spread the word - share our message

We believe in decentralizing the entire financial market as we know it and that payments will form a big part of that.

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Learn more about the DEPAY token

The DEPAY token is required to unlock our professional tools for decentralized payments (utility) and will govern our payment protocols long-term (governance).

If you want to learn more about our tokenomics, have a look at our token page.