Q1 Review 2022

As the first quarter of the “year of Web3 Payments” draws to a close, we’d like to take a look at the key milestones that we have achieved.

Apr 01, 2022

Whenever the uncertainty of the “offline” world affects crypto and the hype wears off, we believe something quite magical happens: The noise fades.What remains are the builders who continue to push the new web, regardless.We came into contact with top-tier integrators and started to extend DePay in order to meet their needs.This led us to Q1’s most important milestone: We have merged P2P payments with traditional E-commerce. In addition to this rather massive work package, DePay has taken many further steps towards the mass adoption of Web3 Payments.

✨Achievements in Q1/2022✨

📌 Bridging E-commerce

  • KYC components usable by bigger ecommerce platforms

  • Payment tracking for the validation and back-integration of P2P payments into classic web2 infrastructure

  • Redirect flows bridging users from checkouts to P2P payments and back to the checkout confirmation

📌 depay.com

  • The top-level domain acquisition was a significant step toward increasing the value of our brand.

  • A content migration “from .fi to.com” will happen in the mid-term future.

📌 New Wallet Support

📌 “Bye-bye, Trackers”

  • With a heightened focus on privacy, we have removed all trackers from our Websites and Web-apps (e.g Google Analytics etc.)

📌 Burn $DEPAY, Burn

📌 Gitcoin Grant Round 13

📌 A “BYG” Partnership

  • We partnered with the Metaverse NFT game “BlackEyeGalaxy” (BYG)

  • BYG integrated the DePay Token Sales widget

That’s all for now — Thanks for being part of the DePayVerse! ✌️

Before we forget…💡☝️💬

If you know someone who is currently working in Web3, please be so kind and forward them our Developer Docs: https://depay.com/documentation