NFT Collection

Token Evolution

Artifacts that mankind used to exchange and store value, but that also always generated hatred, love, envy, greed, and generosity in people. Different materials, changing textures. Buried and dug up. Printed and burned. Tangible or just thin air? Ask yourself today: How do I define value and how far will I go for money? Timeless pieces which reflect mankind’s journey of wealth generation, the means by which it has been valued, traded, and safeguarded. Representing wealth has evolved over time. This is evident through the tales of history, the rise and fall of empires, the exploration of man into new worlds, and scientific progress. Various financial systems incorporated both physical and non-physical currencies, differentiating regions and economies from one another. Technology has been by far the greatest leap, challenging age-old metrics and philosophies as to how to best measure and trade “value”. The journey continues.