DePay V2

We are proud to introduce DePay V2 — setting the gold standard for Web3 Payments

Sep 18, 2023

Three years ago to the day, we embarked on the DePay journey. Over these years, we've gleaned invaluable insights from creating our products, such as Web3 Payment Links and Web3 Payment Gateways for platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce. Additionally, with our DePay Payment Widgets and Buttons, we've established ourselves as leaders in the realm of embeddable Web3 Payments. All these experiences and innovations have culminated in the release of DePay v2—a comprehensive, full-stack enhancement of our existing tools and infrastructure, expanding both our offerings and capabilities.

First and foremost, we are thrilled to announce that DePay is now live on 10 blockchains!

DePay flourishes in its pursuit of a Multi-Chain vision

In our unwavering commitment to our multi-chain vision, we have expanded support to include Base, Optimism, Arbitrum, Avalanche, Fantom, and Gnosis. And of course, DePay V2 continues its steadfast support for Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, Polygon (POS), and Solana.

V2 enhances efficiency, expands exchange support, and streamlines payment verification

We returned to the drawing board, reimagining and refining both the protocol and DePay's smart contracts, the backbone of our seamless Web3 Payments and conversion system. The revamped protocol offers enhanced efficiency, resulting in reduced gas costs. By narrowing our focus solely to the payment use case and conducting comprehensive security audits as usual, we've elevated its security. Additionally, it's now easier to integrate more exchanges for conversion.

With the introduction of the V2 protocol, we are broadening our horizons by including support for newer exchanges: Uniswap V3, PancakeSwap V3, SpookySwap, Trader Joe v2.1, and Honeyswap. Alongside these, V2 remains committed to supporting our foundational exchanges such as Uniswap V2, PancakeSwap V2, Quickswap V1, and the WETH (standard token wrapper). This expansion allows our customers to effortlessly convert and use a broader array of tokens from their wallets at the point of payment.

By streamlining functionalities and adhering to the latest EVM and Solidity best practices, payments, even when converted, are now straightforward to verify. True to the ethos of "Don't trust, Verify", everyone—especially wallets—can authenticate payments processed through the DePay payment protocol. Furthermore, DePay offers an exceptionally compact and efficient TypeScript/JavaScript library to help wallets easily integrate Web3 Payment Validation. This empowers wallets to propel our entire industry towards mass adoption, favoring intuitive 'Payment confirmation screens' over the traditionally complex smart contract interaction displays.

On the shoulders of giants: Open invitation for collaborative innovation in Web3 Payments

DePay remains steadfast in its mission and extends an open invitation to other teams to collaborate on the utilization and enhancement of the base protocol. Maintaining its open-source ethos, the base protocol comes without any restrictions or fees, making it accessible to all, including fellow Web3 payment teams. We are confident that DePay V2 stands as the most advanced Web3 payment protocol available. With its sophistication and complimentary usage, there's truly no need to start from scratch.

Managed integrations: Pioneering simplicity in the complex landscape of integrating crypto payments

DePay persistently crafts its own products atop the payment protocol, and we're thrilled to unveil the array of enhancements V2 brings to the table today.

Crypto payments are intricate, with hundreds of varied wallets, transactions, and auto-conversions. From our experience with DePay's embedded Web3 Payments via Widgets and Buttons, we realized the integration process demanded significant simplification. With immense pride, we unveil DePay V2 as the market's most user-friendly embeddable Web3 Payment integration. Termed 'managed integrations', it eradicates the need for a backend entirely. However, for those with existing backends, configuring callbacks for successful payments is a breeze. If dynamic pricing is on your radar, activating the dynamic configuration is straightforward. With DePay V2, we've lifted the frontend burdens. Integrators can solely focus on configuring the desired backend touchpoints for the managed integration.

DePay Widget, Button and Gateway enhancements

DePay's V2 Widget enhancements are a testament to our relentless pursuit of user-centric innovation. Along with the expanded support for up to 10 blockchains and a wider array of decentralized exchanges, our widgets have undergone a significant overhaul in their initialization algorithm and heuristic. This revamp guarantees near-instant widget accessibility, irrespective of the complexity of route calculations. For a more intuitive user experience, payment options have been meticulously categorized as "Best", "Major", "Native", "Stable", and "All". We've also incorporated a swift search functionality, enabling users to seamlessly select their preferred payment token. Further enhancing the user journey, if a connected wallet lacks the necessary token amounts, our widgets now sport a dedicated screen that not only identifies the token of highest value available but also provides clear steps to facilitate payment completion. These thoughtful modifications are aimed at amplifying payment conversion rates.

DePay Buttons now offer complete functionality with zero coding required when paired with managed integrations. Simply set up an integration via the DePay app, embed a snippet of HTML into your website or app, and you're all set. It's streamlined and effortless.

Web3 Payment Gateways such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and WordPress seamlessly reap all the advantages of V2 without any additional effort. Every new blockchain, exchange, and recently supported token is now effortlessly integrated into DePay for Shopify, DePay for WooCommerce, and DePay for WordPress.

V1 deprecated by December 2023

Integrators of V1 (api integration) must upgrade to V2 managed integrations by December 2023. Post this deadline, support will be terminated.

Embracing the Future: The Dawn of DePay V2

As we unveil DePay V2, our anticipation is palpable. We eagerly look forward to the groundbreaking innovations teams will conceive using our advanced platform. The horizon is bright with the prospect of numerous merchants embracing Web3 Payments, bringing with them the transformative advantages of instantaneous global settlements and robust resistance to fraud and chargebacks. Together, we step into a new era of digital payments, setting unparalleled standards for the future. Join us in this revolutionary journey!