Q2 Review 2022

Focus pays off: In Q2 2022, DePay achieved outstanding milestones, which we review below.

Jul 05, 2022

✨Achievements in Q2/2022✨


📌 WordPress Plugin

In honor of the creators of public goods and Open Source software used to co-create the web, the DePay team has launched a free-to-install Web3 Crypto Donation plugin for WordPress. We are proud to bring the first Web3 donations plugin of its kind to the most used content management and website platform which is used by nearly 40% of all existing websites today.


📌 Live on Shopify

Our official Shopify go-live was the biggest highlight in Q2. The fact that DePay is now the very first integration of a wallet-to-wallet (P2P) payment solution for eligible Shopify merchants reinforces our belief that 2022 will be the year of Web3 payments

Since launch, the DePay team has already started actively acquiring and onboarding the first Shopify merchants and is excited about the future growth. 


📌 Polygon Launch

As a chain-agnostic payment solution, the DePay team felt it was important to dedicate a portion of their available “Q2 resources” to extend the range of supported blockchain networks.

As a result, DePay has unlocked payments on the Polygon sidechain, which are now available to approved Shopify merchants, WordPress admins and existing custom integrators. We're excited about the ultra-fast and cost-effective execution of Polygon payments through DePay, which boast transaction fees of less than 1 cent!


📌 Onboarding Excellence

We heavily improved and simplified our onboarding experience in the DePay app for integrators. 

The DePay app now guides you through setting up DePay products like payments or donations easier than ever. It offers live previews and a great, self-explanatory user interface for a quick start into the world of Web3 Payments.


📌 Swag Store

Yep, we haven't really reported on that yet: DePay now has its own Swag Store with Shopify under the hood. And as expected, you can pay there with the official DePay Web3 gateway! 

Curious? Get a sticker or t-shirt and pay with any tokens on Ethereum, the BNB Smart Chain, or on Polygon: https://store.depay.com


📌 Gitcoin Grants Round 14

We are speechless and absolutely grateful for the colossal support and attention we received during Gitcoin Grants Round 14

55% of all nearly 6000 contributors who donated since DePay's first participation in Grants Round 10 supported us (mostly for the first time) in GR14. Our listing generated nearly 27K impressions in just a few days. 


Before we forget…💡☝️💬

If you know someone who is currently working in Web3, please be so kind and forward them our Developer Docs: https://depay.com/documentation