Welcome to the year of Web3 Payments

We consider the last year as a year of preparation for 2022 - the year of Web3 Payments.

Jan 20, 2022

If you follow our Twitter account, you may have already read the quotes from Chamath Palihapitiya that we curated for our audience.

At the end of the previous year, the billionaire investor publicly shared his biggest investment bets for 2022 in a roundtable-style forecast discussion on YouTube.

His claim is exciting:

Chamath firmly believes that decentralized Web3 Crypto Payment projects will win this year.

We have been working diligently to ensure that DePay can find its way to widespread adoption in 2022.

Behind the scenes, we've seen a lot of movement and look forward to a legendary year for DePay and Web3 payments in general.

鉂桺lease note: Our team has now decided to only publish newsletter recaps on a quarterly basis for efficiency reasons.

You'll still get first-hand answers in our Telegram community as usual.

As you may have noticed, questions related to the implementation of DePay's Web3 Payment Protocol started piling up in our community. This fact pleases us a lot, as our top priority business goal right now is to maximize the amount of happy new integrators.

We are looking forward to a year of exponential growth and continue working on DePay with genuine passion and love for the change we can make in the world of Payments.

Let's take a look now at some important achievements in Q4 of 2021.

DePay's Achievements of Q4/2021

We kicked off Multichain Payment support

We have taken the first (of many further upcoming) expansion steps and celebrated the second supported blockchain with our Binance Smart Chain IMO.

You can now finally trade $DEPAY on PancakeSwap!

Due to the added BSC support, payments are now extremely fast and dozens of times cheaper compared to transactions on the previously only supported Ethereum Network.

See this real-time payment demo of our partner's recent NFT game card sale.

The higher cost efficiency of BSC transactions compared to the Ethereum Network unlocks great use cases like micro-transactions for the integrators of DePay.

Please rest assured that we are aware of all the cheaper, faster, or technologically superior alternative blockchain networks that we should consider to be supported with DePay.

Our ambition is to integrate all major networks in the near future.

We have already initiated the necessary processes in this context and keep close direct contact with various blockchain network teams.

鉂桺lease note: There won't be pre-announcements anymore - in the future, we will only announce concrete blockchain extensions on the day they can be actually used in production.

馃弳 We took the pole position for the term "web3 payments" in Google

Try it yourself: Search for聽web3 payments聽in Google Search.

If nothing has changed in the meantime, you will see that we managed to get a double-page ranking for our DePay.fi website domain in the Top Results with our homepage plus a dedicated landing page.

We are proud to have positioned DePay as the first company for the currently being established Web3 Payments term. Our live visibility data is a great confirmation of our belief in truly decentralized payments and the breakthrough of Web3 solutions in the near future.

We published a Web3 Payment case study in collaboration with DuelistKing

Our friends and partners at DuelistKing successfully ran another NFT game card sales round using DePay as payment technology.

We don't want to keep real first-hand Web3 Payment insights to ourselves, so we wrote a case study with some insights about the preferred buyer tokens.聽

You can read it here聽if you wonder which tokens buyers prefer to pay with on the Binance Smart Chain.

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Added support for major Mobile Wallets

A very important and future-oriented milestone was the extensive expansion of the range of supported mobile wallets.

Buyers can now easily pay with the most commonly used mobile wallet solutions via DePay. We added support for major solutions such as the multi-wallet connector聽WalletConnect, Coinbase Wallet, and聽MetaMask Mobile.

Crypto payments on mobile devices are slowly but surely gaining wide adoption, as聽these historical Google Trends charts demonstrate very well.

This certainly has largely to do with the general growth of crypto adoption as well, however, we believe that the past years' trend of general ("Web2") of mobile consumer behavior will continue to grow much stronger in the crypto sphere as well.

Hosted & participated in several AMAs

We were positively gratified by the many great questions we were asked during various AMA's as part of our BSC launchpad.

You can聽read the transcript of our BSC News AMA here.

Together with DuelistKing, we also聽hosted a reciprocal AMA聽in both of our communities, which was really fun!

We continue to welcome any good questions, praise, or criticism, which you are聽welcome to ask in our Telegram group.

Minted two new NFTs

Somewhat under the radar, we started building a narrative and ongoing聽NFT collection with the working title "Token Evolution"聽in 2021.

In Q4 last year, two new NFT creations were added to聽Token Evolution:

The聽Binance Coin聽NFT and the聽Ether聽NFT.

Each of the items in聽Token Evolution聽tells its own story - feel free to let us know your feedback about this creative side of DePay.

Created a landing page builder for highly targeted outreach campaigns

Recycling existing content is an important cornerstone of our efficiency and helps streamline how our brand is perceived.

We found a way to rapidly test different sales angles for outreach campaigns with the help of an in-house modular landing page builder that we integrated into our Content Management solution.

Demonstrated how DePay can be implemented directly in GitHub Pages

CMO Alex wrote a rather personal storytelling-style article about using DePay right on GitHub pages聽which we published on Medium.com.

Sadly it did not reach many people yet but we are already preparing a highly scaled Github user outreach campaign.

Have a look at our聽live demo of DePay Donations on Github Pages here.

Exciting technology and UI upgrades and optimizations

It's worth exploring our GitHub repositories every now and then.

For example, as you can see from the聽DePay Widget Repository releases page, there have been an immense number of very significant upgrades that the DePay protocol has received, not only visually, but also at a base technology level.

Chief among them is our sophisticated payment tracking, which now paves the way for countless e-commerce applications and plugins.

Got featured on the Swisscom's Swiss Fintech Startup Map

Last but not least,聽DePay was listed in the Swiss Fintech Startup Map聽among the most important payment technology startups in Switzerland, which of course makes us happy.

Did we leave out something you regard as important?

This review along with the order of sub-headlines is obviously biased and influenced by our strategic plans for DePay.

If you feel we may have omitted individual events, we encourage you to visit our new History Timeline which is a collection of all events that are added retrospectively. This resource is more complete as it contains the latest events from the "DePayVerse" with a higher level of detail.

馃殌 What can I expect from DePay in 2022?

As mentioned at the beginning, we have done a massive amount of preparatory work in the past year. This encompasses every area of our company.

For us, 2022 is entitled "Execution and Scaling".

This means that we will make the best use of all the resources we have built up to maximize our current North Star Metric (Integrators).

The key focus areas (and audiences) for us this year are:


  • Layer 2 and Major Blockchain Network expansions / support.

  • E-commerce penetration (plugins & Ecom-community marketing)

  • Easy & rock solid onboarding & integrator funnel


  • Press relations and expansion of our network

  • More marketing automation & scaled outreach

  • Recommendation Marketing

The market conditions are clearly in our favor. We therefore continue to focus on generating results and remain very optimistic. Overall, we will do less pre-announcements this year and focus on communicating results.

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We look forward to another year with you and wish you a healthy, happy and successful year!